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Carrier services for voice, video, WAN/SDN, collocation, cloud, and cross connection

Carriers offer control over your entire network over the web: including performance reporting, move/add/change, billing, repair and orders. Most important is their ability to support and offer technical knowledge that can improve the solutions and ROI.

Offering a centralized, programmable network that can dynamically provision so as to address the changing needs of businesses, software-defined networking (SDN) also provides the following benefits:

  • Directly programmable:  The network is now directly programmable because the control functions are decoupled from forwarding functions which enable the network to be programmatically configured by proprietary or open source automation tools.
  • Centralized management:  Network intelligence is logically centralized in SDN controller software that maintains a global view of the network, which appears to applications and policy engines as a single, logical switch.
    Reduce CapEx
    : Software Defined Networking potentially limits the need to purchase purpose-built, ASIC-based networking hardware, and instead supports pay-as-you-grow models
  • Reduce OpEX: SDN enables algorithmic control of the network of network elements (such as hardware or software switches / routers that are increasingly programmable, making it easier to design, deploy, manage, and scale networks. The ability to automate provisioning and orchestration optimizes service availability and reliability by reducing overall management time and the chance for human error.
  • Deliver agility and flexibility: Software Defined Networking helps organizations rapidly deploy new applications, services, and infrastructure to quickly meet changing business goals and objectives.
  • Enable innovation: SDN enables organizations to create new types of applications, services, and business models that can offer new revenue streams and more value from the network.

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